Psychotherapy With Heart


About Me

From early on in my career, though I knew that a traditional model of a therapeutic relationship was successful and aided people in recovery from trauma, I began to feel that it was only one piece of the healing process. I began to explore alternatives, additions, and new ways of thinking about counseling and trauma as a whole, including 12-step recovery programs, research in the intersections between spirituality and psychotherapy, and ultimately, certifications in EMDR and Energy Psychology. Today, I combine all of these these tools and my thirty years of practice to best serve my clients. Ultimately, I find a combination of these services best suits those working with trauma, anxieties, depression and other life concerns, and have also found this work to be my most rewarding.  I encourage you to keep exploring.


Education & Experience

This will actually be a list of degrees/certifications/etc

I received my initial training in psychology at Caldwell College in Caldwell, New Jersey, where I worked closely with the counseling center, leading me to pursue the field. From there, I went to receive a Master’s in Counseling with a focus on Women’s Studies at New York University, while working for fourteen years as Associate Director of the University Counseling Services at Seton Hall University where I later received my Ph.D. Initially, my time was spent running the campus Women’s Center and offering both career and personal counseling to students. Later, along with a colleague, I was responsible for spearheading the substance abuse and eating disorder services which involved co-leading groups for these concerns. Upon graduating from Seton Hall, I opened my private practice in 1996, and worked there as well as an instructor in both Graduate and Undergraduate studies for nearly 10 years. In 2012 I began training to incorporate LifeForce Yoga techniques into my practice, and by 2014 received my Yoga Teaching Certification.